Terrific Team Building

Welcome to Can’t Do That? Team Building Services.


Over the last six years we’ve enjoyed bringing a little theatre to companies all over the globe.

Through the magic of song, drama and dance
 we’ve been helping teams grow, bond, understand
each-other and simply have huge memorable fun together.

How big is your Comfort Zone?


Whether your team is newly assembled or has been working together for some time we know how to help you get your folks performing at warp speed.

Together your team will learn more about themselves and how they like to do and say things and then comes the serious light-bulb moment.









How instantly compatible is my style with the rest of the team?


Whether you feel like you’re part of the school or maybe a fish out of water we can help you become more flexible  in your behaviour.


Notice how much more influence you have within the team now.


If your team is ready to move to the next stage then make it our stage with one of our amazing team-building experiences.



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